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These Three Shores (2005)

With These Three Shores, Kate and Chuck take a new step in their journey of redefining Celtic and Old-time music. Kate's original tunes are melodically beautiful, haunting, and complex. Drummer, Tom Rush, and bass player, Glenn Colby, bring out the elements of rock and jazz in the musical arrangements. David Manski joins in with his banjo and bass, adding tasteful touches of the Old-time traditions.

The music on These Three Shores is inspired by K&C's studies during the past three years in Ireland, Cape Breton, and Maine. However, they do not attempt simply to document the traditions; they rework them into something exciting and new. This is not a traditional album.

  1. D Minor (4:57) mp3
    My Father (Brenda Stubbert)/Northside Reel/Julia Delaney
  2. Neil Gow's Lament (Neil Gow) (3:22)
  3. Jeff City (3:16)
    Jeff City/Jimmy in the Swamp/Julie Ann Johnson
  4. McKay's Set (6:27)
    Old Favorite/Lark in the Morning/Father Kelly's/Flowers of Edinborough/Cooley's
  5. The Stars (7:06)
    Star of the County Down/Star of Munster/Brenda Stubbert (Jerry Holland)/After the Last Time (KW)
  6. Margaret's Waltz (Pat Shaw) (3:19)
  7. First Tunes (7:36)
    Angeline the Baker/Whiskey Before Breakfast/Soldier's Joy/St. Anne's Reel/Bill Cheetham/Devil's Dream/Mason's Apron
  8. Sligo Creek (2:38)
    Sligo Creek (Al Petteway)/Seth's Tune (KW)
  9. Katie's Set (5:13)
    For the Boys (KW)/Sometimes We Wonder About Walter (KW)/Biggie's Tune (KW)
  10. All the Days of My Life (KW) (3:02)

All tunes traditional, except where noted.

Kate Wegner, fiddle
Chuck Donnelly, guitar
Tom Rush, drums (tracks 1, 5, 7, 9)
Glenn Colby, electric bass (tracks 1, 5, 9)
David Manski, banjo and acoustic bass (tracks 3, 7)

Thanks also to: Al Petteway (for donating "Sligo Creek"), Jeff Chapin (cover photograph), Tammy Packie (performance photographs), Sarah Williamson (graphics layout and design), Michael Rosenstein (web site), and Janet Anker (moral support + chocolate).

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After Sunset (2004)

  1. Lazy Hank (5:37)
    Northside Kitchen/Lazy Hank (KW)/Chuck's Favorite (KW)/ Temperance Reel/Growlin' Old Man and Woman
  2. After Sunset (5:08)
    After Sunset (KW)/Waiting for Lucy (KW)/ Stephen's Slippery Slope (KW)/Schoolhouse Reel (KW)
  3. Strawberry Blossom (3:32)
  4. Irish Session Reels (4:15)
    The Maid Behind the Bar/The Swallow's Tail/ The Morning Star/The Fermoy Lasses
  5. Dave's Set (David Manski) (5:41)
    Last Push to Pomola/Frigid Morning/The Longest Night
  6. George's Jigs (tunes taught to KW by George Fowler) (4:04)
    Munster Bacon/Drop the Cake/Capt. White's Jig
  7. Julia's Lament (5:59) mp3
    Julia's Lament/The Laddie with the Pladdie/Father Jack Walsh/Miss Rattray
  8. Chorus Jig (3:52)
    Chorus Jig/The Gravel Walk/Reel Beatrice
  9. Waltz for Mom and Dad (KW) (2:42)
  10. The Most Important Things (5:05) mp3
    The Most Important Things (KW)/Morrison's Jig/The Rights of Man/The Banshee
  11. The Blackest Crow (4:53)

All tunes traditional, except where noted.

Kate Wegner, fiddle
Chuck Donnelly, guitar
George Fowler, Fiddle (track 6)
David Manski, bass (track 4) & banjo (track 5)
Adam Nordell and Beth Allen, percussion (tracks 1, 7, 10)
Crystal Schreck, vocals (track 11)